Weco Play – educational apps for kids

Manico has started a new collaboration with Weco Play, a company in Denmark that produces competent playful, learning content aimed at children and which is adapted for multitouch screens.

The collaboration means that Manico can offer Weco Play’s apps in our FunTable, either as pre-installed when buying a new table or as an additional service on existing FunTables. Weco Play’s content also works on other Android tablets and on PCs with Windows. The content is available in several different languages, including Swedish and English.

The content includes spelling games, math games, color and shape, movement exercises, creating books, programming, logic, shopping in a store, memmory, coordination exercises, etc.

“We have long been looking for good content that has been developed for our multitouch screens,” says Carl Lindgren, CEO of Manico.

“With the multitouch function, children can work together for real by allowing more children to press different things on the screen at the same time. In this way, you can help solve tasks, create or achieve joint success. With Weco Play’s content, it’s a bit like put a turbo on our FunTable – you get even more out of the whole idea of FunTable – that children and educators learn and create together in a digital environment.”

Would you like to learn more about Weco Play? Reach out at Manico at carl@manicotouch.com