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Made in Sweden

Funtable has a durable construction and the shell is made of environmentally friendly plastic. It has an accurate optical sensor technology that gives the market’s best touch feel and precision. Today Manico FunTable is available in six playful colors.

Playful design

Children gather quickly and curiously around the table and are swallowed up by the will to explore. The design is slim and it fits into the office environment as well as in public places and in preschool and school.

Joyful learning

Children learn and play together on the digital platform for joyful learning and digital playground.



Table – wall – floor

Manico funboard is the younger sibling of Manico funtable. Due to the thin design and the fact that Manico funboard can be mounted on a wall or laid on a table, the target groups, and the areas of use, are expanded.

User Review

Programming apps are becoming very popular especially as they can work together. All the time they have to find out how things work, they are learning how to think logically. The possibility to sit and work together is much appreciated.
Most of the time they work in a group with 2 -5 children.

Camilla Dagberg, science museum in Sweden