Manico’s own range of software divisions provides exclusive customized content and features to deliver the superior educational and entertainment possibilities the FunTable and FunBoard are capable of and built for.

We continuously develop new features and applications in collaboration with world-leading software developers.

EdUp is Manico’s own education software division. Developed with schools, museums and learning centers in mind, EdUp offers engaging pedagogic solutions that promote collaborative joyful learning and interaction.

EdUp Live is a web-based application that allows teachers to create and customize themed activities on touchscreens and interactive tables, to meet the needs of any kid or group. Easy to use and set up, the software works on any browser and allows up to four users to simultaneously interact and collaborate.

PlayEd is Manico’s own entertainment software division with focus on games and apps that engage and entertain. Developed for public places, waiting rooms, lobbies, fitness centers, malls etc. 

In addition to Manico’s exclusive software offerings, you can download your favorite apps and games directly from the Google Play store.